NEPC Meeting Feb 7-8 2013, Manchester, NH

2013 Northeast Pasture Consortium Annual Conference & Meeting

The 2013 annual conference & meeting will be held at the Radisson Manchester Downtown Hotel, Manchester, NH on February 7 and 8. It precedes the 7th Annual New Hampshire Grazing Conference being held on February 9 at the Radisson. The Radisson Manchester Downtown Hotel is located at 700 Elm Street just 6.5 miles from the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport.

Your Executive Committee and other members are putting together the program for 2013 annual meeting. The November newsletter will have the registration form and final agenda. The New Hampshire Grazing Conference details will be in the November News Update.

Driving Directions

From Albany, NY: Take the NYS Thruway, I-90 (becomes MA Turnpike, Eastbound to I-290. Head on I-290 East to I-495, then head on I-495 Northeast to Lowell, MA to US Route 3. Take Route 3 Northbound to the Frederick E. Everett Turnpike, take the turnpike North to Manchester (becomes I-293 near Manchester). Take the Granite Street Exit and go across the river and make a left onto Canal Street and then a right onto Pleasant Street. Go about 2 blocks, the Radisson is at 700 Elm Street just to the right of the intersection of Pleasant and Franklin, East of Franklin and West of Elm. Trip is 203 miles long and 3.75 hours.

From Newburgh, NY: Take I-84, Eastbound to I-90 (MA Turnpike). Then follow directions beginning with the I-290 turn-off from I-90 given for Albany, NY. Trip is 230 miles long and 4.5 hours.

From Portsmouth, NH: Take I-95, Southbound to NH 101 West (Exeter-Hampton Expressway). Continue on NH 101 West to I-93. Head Northbound on I-93 to the Bridge Street Exit (first interchange) to down-town Manchester. Go several blocks to Elm Street (US-3), turn left. Head Southbound on Elm to Central Street and turn right. Hotel will be on right. Trip is 44.5 miles and 1 hour.

From Manchester-Boston Regional Airport: The Radisson Hotel offers free transportation to and from the airport. Trip is 6.5 miles one-way.

The Radisson Manchester Downtown Hotel has hosted the NH Grazing Conference and the NH Farm & Forest Exposition in past years so this speaks well of the host.

Tentatively our 2013 sessions are: 1. Producer Showcase – Bedded Pack, the Complete Scoop 2. Grain Supplementation Economics & Strategies for Pastured Dairy Cows 3. Efficient Pasture Systems Design on Irregular Topography 4. Financial Returns Per Acre of Pasture versus Hayland 5. Economics of Confinement Dairy Farms versus Pasture Dairy Farms 6. Pasture Research Coordination & Facilitation

The Producer Showcase this year will feature farmers who are using bedded packs in their farm operations to bed-down livestock during the pas-ture off-season.

Dr. Andre Brito from the University of New Hampshire heads up the Grain Supplementation session. With the high cost of grain, a sharper pencil and a savvy grain shopper are needed to continue to feed grain to dairy cows so that the more of the protein in the grass is converted into milk instead of ending up in their urine as uric acid while not breaking the budget.

With our challenging topography and existing farm layouts in the Northeast, we thought a ses-sion that explores how to best layout paddocks and lanes under challenging circumstances would be informative.

The session on Financial Returns Per Acre of Pasture versus Hayland is actually a workshop to gather farm information from farmers attending the 2013 conference to see how returns differ be-tween pastureland and hayland in the Northeast.

The Economics of Confinement Dairy Farms versus Pasture Dairy Farms is an update of ses-sions done at past Northeast Pasture Consortium annual meetings. Pasture dairy farms, if well-managed, tended to be more profitable in the past. How are they doing today?

The Pasture Research Coordination and Facilitation session is a new addition that we want to become an annual event. It will strengthen one of our Consortium’s objectives: coordinate our pasture research work among our members and find areas of work that need more answers to make pasture-based farming more efficient, pro-ductive, and profitable.

Registration and program information will be available later this fall.

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