Northeast Pasture Consortium Annual Conference & Meeting Feb. 7 & 8, 2013

Reminder from Jim Cropper, Executive Director:

Hi Everyone, Extra, Extra, Read all about it! I am sending out a revised newsletter (PDF) that updates the Manchester, NH events. The Granite Graziers of New Hampshire just completed their agenda earlier today. They will be holding their grazing conference on Saturday, February 9. I have added their program information starting on page 4 of the January 2013 News Update. It is an updated version of the November 2012 newsletter. Their 7th annual grazing conference looks very interesting and addresses pasture economics. I think I will stick around for it myself. We are getting close to the deadlines for registering for the conference, registration form on page 11 of the attached newsletter, and getting in hotel reservations. Both are due on January 16. The hotel is going to be busy so please reserve a room by the 16th. Farmer members do not need to pay the registration fee for the conference, but we do need a filled-out registration form sent to Becky Casteel at West Virginia University so that we know who is attending. Email and mailing address are on the registration form. We will also pick up the hotel room tab for Wednesday and Thursday night. We will begin at 8:00 AM on Thursday so those who have to travel very far should plan to come Wednesday evening. Dinner meals on Wednesday and Friday evenings are on your own. We need at least 20 farmer participants this year to help Jennifer Colby with a Conservation Innovation Grant study on ” Developing Economic and Energy Tools to aid Farmer Decision-Making”. Using real data from real farms will aid them in gauging how these tools when applied to real farms (and perhaps tweaked) can best assist in analyzing what works and what does not in improving the farm’s bottomline and save energy use at the same time. As we sequester carbon in pastures, we can also burn less of it to produce food. Jennifer and other staff members from the University of Vermont will explain what is involved in helping them with this project at Session 4 Thursday afternoon, February 7.
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