August Newsletter

The 2014 Northeast Pasture Consortium Annual Meeting will be held in State College, PA on February 4-5. Program and registration information will be available in the next newsletter.

Extension information in the August 2013 newsletter:

  • A Study of Switchgrass for Home Heating in the Northeast: Studies by an Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientist have provided a complete cost-benefit breakdown of using switchgrass pellets, which are potentially a cheaper source of energy, instead of fuel oil to heat homes and businesses in the Northeast.
  • New Strategies for Safeguarding Dewormers – and the Sheep: Managing internal parasites in sheep (or goats) by regular deworming of all animals is “no longer sustainable,” according to an Ohio State University team of researchers.
  • Food Safety Rules: What Farmers – and their Advocates – Need to Know Now: In the area of food safety, new rules governing food safety need to account for differences among types of farms to be meaningful and effective across the board.
  • USDA Funds Meat Locker Pilot at Cooperative Extension: Consumers soon will be able to buy and store bulk quantities of local meats without having a home freezer – thanks to a new Meat Locker Pilot Project, funded in part by a grant from the USDA to Cornell Cooperative Extension of Tompkins County (CCE-Tompkins).
  • A new publication to serve graziers: The focus of On Pasture is translating research and experience into grazing practices you can use now.

Interested? The full newsletter (PDF) has more information about each of these topics.

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