A Virtual Dairy Farm

A “virtual dairy farm” has been developed by Penn State, Cornell University, and others, to demonstrate sustainable practices for dairy farming.

According to Penn State:

The website, designed and developed by the creative services team at WPSU Penn State, has two virtual farms: One is a model of a 1 …

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VFGC Pasture Productivity and Soil Health

The Virginia Forage and Grassland Council has created a video featuring Ronnie Nuckols.

From their website:

In this video, “A Step by Step Approach to Building Pasture Productivity and Soil Health,” Ronnie explains where he started, the challenge to change, how he transitioned to grazing management and how he uses …

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2017 Appalachian Grazing Conference

The presentations from the 2017 Appalachian Grazing Conference are now viewable online.

Topics include:

  • Can fat be healthy?
  • Evaluating the cost of lime
  • Beyond grandfather’s grasses
  • Alternative watering systems for livestock
  • The future of grazing
  • Soil health in pastures
  • Risk management in livestock production
  • Pasture quality for pasture finished …
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