Upcoming Events

May, 2020

May 5, Online: Evaluating Dairy Farm Costs for Future Decisions

Join Penn State Extension educators for the Evaluating Dairy Farm Costs for Future Decisions live webinar and receive instruction, tools, and resources to help dairy producers calculate their “Breakeven Milk Price.” Having the right information available is critical to consider alternatives and make the best choice.

May 6, Online: Organic Farming Principles and Practices - Livestock Handling

MODIFIED EVENT: this event will be free and offered as a webinar. Please stay tuned for details. Wednesday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Misty Brook Farm, Albion. Knowing proper handling and first aid techniques can save lots of money and grief when adding livestock to the farm. Jacki Perkins, a long-time homesteader and MOFGA’s organic dairy and livestock specialist, will teach livestock handling at Misty Brook Farm in Albion, Maine. Misty Brook Farm boasts a variety of amiable livestock that are accustomed to intensive handling and uniquely suited for training handlers. Everyone will leave the session with the confidence needed to handle animals safely, and completing this training will benefit current or future employment.

May 28, Online: Grass-fed Genetics

Join PASA for a presentation and conversation with organic, grass-fed dairy farmer Ron Holter, of Frederick County, Maryland, as he attempts to answer this question. Ron will present on his multi-generational grazing dairy farm in Maryland, including his work developing grass-fed genetics for his herd and others. Ron has been grazing cows since 1995 and certified organic since 2005. He began line-breeding in his herd in 2006, and developed his first bull for marketing grass-fed genetics the same year he transitioned to 100% grass on the farm, in 2007. The webinar will end with a conversation and attendee questions.

June, 2020

Jun 10, Online: Pastured Pork Fundamentals

Pasture Song moves their pigs regularly through annual and perennial pastures in rotation with field crops, including corn and small grains, which are harvested and ground on their farm for feed. The finished pork products are sold through farmers markets, CSA meat shares, and various wholesale accounts. During this webinar, you’ll learn about the pitfalls and rewards of raising pigs on pasture in rotation with other crops, including strategies for fencing, shelter, pasture management, making feed and bedding, and crop rotation.

Jun 18, Online: Biosecurity for Pastured Pork Farms

During this webinar, we’ll show you how to create a customized and effective biosecurity system on your pastured pork farm. We’ll start by defining a key concept of biosecurity: creating lines of separation. Lines of separation, or commonly referred to as the “clean/dirty line,” are the most effective way to manage pathogen transfer onto your farm and to your animals. We’ll also share examples of how to examine your farm for the best locations to establish lines of separation to prevent and minimize contamination.

July, 2020

December, 2020

Dec 1-4, 2020, Christchurch New Zealand: International Workshop: Grazing in Future Multi-Scapes

This international workshop is to influence future mental and practical models of pastoralism in continually evolving multi-scapes. There are a series of talks that will cultivate such a shift in thinking towards future models of sustainable multipurpose pastoralism. These talks will be synthesized to establish how multifunctional pastoral systems can be re-imagined and then designed in view of the integrative dynamics of sustainable future multi-scapes.

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