Upcoming Events

April, 2017

May, 2017

May 10, Phoenixville, PA: PASA CRAFT Education Event - Farming with Horses

Experience how this 300 member CSA has incorporated a team of draft horses into their production. Head gardener Todd Newlin will explain and demonstrate how the horses are incorporated into primary, secondary tillage and cultivation of a mixed power system, as well as the benefits of using horses for farming. An overview of the Sankanac CSA operation will be given, as well.

May 17, Ulster, PA: PASA Education Event - Fertility and Forage in the Grazing Dairy

Kauffman Organic Dairy Farm’s success is dependent upon the cultivation, growth, and maintenance of a healthy, thriving soil. During this pasture walk, farmer Richard Kauffman will discuss his crop rotation and soil amendment regimes—including manure and mineral applications—on both his annual ground as well as permanent pasture. Discussion of paddock layout will occur, as well. Kaufmann Farm grows all its own organic feed, including small grain, corn, and hay.

June, 2017

July, 2017

July 29, Honesdale, PA: PASA Education Event - Closed-Loop Systems on the Diversified Farmstead

Dave and Anita Avvisato began their modern, 15-acre farmstead operation eight years ago with a small vegetable garden. From these humble beginnings, their operation has evolved to encompass bees and chickens, horses and hay, field crops and high tunnels, and on-farm compost, all in a naturally enriching flow of fertility. Dave notes, “The only thing we want leaving the farm is product. No waste!” Far Away Farms sells on-farm and at market, as well as to a grower’s cooperative and some retail accounts. They are in the process of becoming Animal Welfare Certified. Once a hobby for the couple, the farm is now a full-time vocation for Dave. They look forward to sharing their systems and thoughts with attendees, and hope to help others achieve their small farm dream.

August, 2017

August 23, Mechanicsville, PA: PASA Education Event - Multi-Species, Planned Grazing and Cover Crop Cocktails

How can multi-species, planned grazing improve soil health and how does a farmer integrate cover crops into the mix? Join farmer Ron Moule as he explains the planned grazing systems at Carversville Farm, a certified organic farm in Bucks County that raises dairy goats, dairy sheep, beef, chickens, turkeys, and pigs, and uses animal impact, rest, and diverse cover crop mixes for soil regeneration. He will also discuss techniques for establishing perennial pasture without tillage, and designing diverse seed mixes to meet the nutritional requirements for all species with a focus on eliminating grain from ruminant rations.

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