Upcoming Events

April, 2021

Apr 29, Online: Farm Energy Day: Dairy Farm Energy Efficiency Opportunities

Dairy is arguably the heart of Pennsylvania Agriculture, and is critical to the health of farming and our rural communities. Dairy farming is also very energy intensive, and there are many opportunities to save or waste energy, depending on how the farm is designed and operated. Join the Farm Energy Day: Dairy Farm Energy Efficiency Opportunities webinar as we discuss the top opportunities for improving dairy farm energy efficiency.

May-June, 2021

Online, Christchurch New Zealand: International Workshop: Grazing in Future Multi-Scapes

This international workshop is to influence future mental and practical models of pastoralism in continually evolving multi-scapes. There are a series of talks that will cultivate such a shift in thinking towards future models of sustainable multipurpose pastoralism. These talks will be synthesized to establish how multifunctional pastoral systems can be re-imagined and then designed in view of the integrative dynamics of sustainable future multi-scapes. Now online.

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