Upcoming Events

July, 2017

July 12, Sharpsville, PA: PA Grazing Lands Coalition and PASA - Midsummer Pasture Walk

Please join us at Walnut Hill Farm in scenic Mercer County (4965 Saranac Drive, Sharpsville, PA 16150) on Wednesday, July 12 at 10:00 AM for a pasture walk and grazing system discussion, hosted by owner Michael Kovach and co-sponsored by PA GLC and PASA. Franklin Egan from PASA will also lead a discussion about recordkeeping and the walk will be followed by lunch at a local specialty deli that uses Walnut Hill Farm products. After lunch, all are welcome to join in on the quarterly Grazing Lands Coalition meeting to find out about the exciting things the PA GLC is undertaking this year and beyond. The day’s activities are free, but pre-registration is required so that we have an accurate head count for our host.

July 29, Honesdale, PA: PASA Education Event - Closed-Loop Systems on the Diversified Farmstead

Dave and Anita Avvisato began their modern, 15-acre farmstead operation eight years ago with a small vegetable garden. From these humble beginnings, their operation has evolved to encompass bees and chickens, horses and hay, field crops and high tunnels, and on-farm compost, all in a naturally enriching flow of fertility. Dave notes, “The only thing we want leaving the farm is product. No waste!” Far Away Farms sells on-farm and at market, as well as to a grower’s cooperative and some retail accounts. They are in the process of becoming Animal Welfare Certified. Once a hobby for the couple, the farm is now a full-time vocation for Dave. They look forward to sharing their systems and thoughts with attendees, and hope to help others achieve their small farm dream.

August, 2017

August 1, Stevensville, PA: PASA Education Event - Summer Annuals in the Grazing Mix

Join PASA and dairy farmer John Meglich at his Little Crick Farm for a tour of John’s 100% grass-fed, certified organic dairy farm. John will focus on his use of summer annuals in his grazing system, especially the use of corn. John has been experimenting with grazing corn for years and has developed both no-till and conventional tillage systems for incorporating this high tonnage forage into his grazing regime. Challenges and benefits of these techniques will be explored, and this year’s early plantings will be assessed. John will also touch on his use of oats, cow peas, and turnips in his grazing mix. The tour will conclude with a free BBQ lunch at the farmhouse.

August 17, Pulaski, NY: NOFA-NY - Starting with Heifers: Growing into an Organic Dairy

Many farmers are looking at alternative ways to transition into organic dairying. Tom Bonoski of Vision-Hope Dairy is planning to return to dairy production by transitioning heifers and rebuilding milking facilities to be strategically placed when the organic market opens back up in the future. Participate in a farm tour, hear alternative ideas from season inspector and Dairy Transitions Project leader Robert Perry and learn about Tom’s strategy based on a slow systems approach, not expecting transition incentives.

August 23, Mechanicsville, PA: PASA Education Event - Multi-Species, Planned Grazing and Cover Crop Cocktails

How can multi-species, planned grazing improve soil health and how does a farmer integrate cover crops into the mix? Join farmer Ron Moule as he explains the planned grazing systems at Carversville Farm, a certified organic farm in Bucks County that raises dairy goats, dairy sheep, beef, chickens, turkeys, and pigs, and uses animal impact, rest, and diverse cover crop mixes for soil regeneration. He will also discuss techniques for establishing perennial pasture without tillage, and designing diverse seed mixes to meet the nutritional requirements for all species with a focus on eliminating grain from ruminant rations.

August 29, Cahajoharie, NY: NOFA-NY - Rotational Dairy Grazing

Organic Valley and NOFA-NY invite you to learn about multispecies rotational grazing system. Hear from Aaron Fisher as he shares his knowledge on balancing forages for both his milk cow herd and his sheep. He will share his experiences in intensive grazing on his 30 cow dairy. Mark Kopecky Organic Valley Agronomist speak on balancing soils in a grazing rotation. Learn about soil health as it pertains to both field crop production and pasture management.

August 31, Marathon, NY: NOFA-NY - Building an Organic Dairy from the Soil Up

Join NOFA-NY as we learn about assessing soil health, developing a farm design and building your dairy. Jim and Anne Phillips of Triple 3 Livestock in Cortland, NY will share their farm story and provide a tour of their new facilities. Mark Kopecky, Organic Valley Agronomist will discuss soil health as it pertains to crop production and pasture management. Fay Benson, Cornell University SCNY Regional Team, will bring the Soil Health Trailer to demonstrate variations in soil types and management systems. Fay will also share his knowledge of crop insurance options available in NY State.

September, 2017

October, 2017

October 13, Worchester, NY: NOFA-NY - Grass Based Dairy Management

Interested in transitioning to grass-based milk production or looking to find out more about fine tuning your pasture management? Join NOFA-NY and Maple Hill Creamery as we learn more on grass-fed organic cow health, breeding, grazing and feed production. Tom McGrath will share his success with restoring depleted pastures through bale grazing, chicken manure and lime applications. Tour Autumn Valley Farm and hear from Tom as he shares his experiences in producing quality feed to meet your herd’s nutritional needs in a grass-based system. Tom will also share his thoughts on dairy genetics and inline breeding with the group.

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