Improved Forage/Sheep Production Efficiency

Improved Forage/Sheep Production Efficiency

Project Number: 1932-13310-001-02S
Researchers: Turner, K. E.; Belesky, D. P.; Lewis, P.
Start Date: 01-Sep-89
End Date: 30-Jun-94
Performing Institution: Agricultural Research Service and West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV 26506

Research Objectives: Develop strategies to synchronize lambing
and forage availability/quality with nutrient requirements of …

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Alternative Systems for Veal and Dairy/Beef

Alternative Systems for Veal and Dairy/Beef - Health, Welfare, Behavior, Performance, and Carcass

Project Number: PEN03259
Researchers: Wilson, L. L.; Henning, W. R.;
Mills, E. W.
Start Date: 01-Jan-92
End Date: 31-Dec-95
Performing Institution: Penn State Dairy and Animal Science, University Park, PA 16802

Research Objectives:

  • Determine health, behavior, performance …
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