Grazing Guide

The Northeast Pasture Consortium is an alliance of graziers, extension and research dedicated to improving pasture management in the northeastern United States.

We want to share with you information by state and by topic, extension information, upcoming events, photos and even videos of interest to anyone involved with grazing livestock in our region and beyond.

The December 2019 newsletter includes updates on heritage pig breeds and saturated fat consumption.

At the annual meeting each year, the Consortium members, farmers, extension, and scientists, discuss research needs and priorities. Since we cannot meet in person this winter, the Northeast Pasture Consortium has partnered with regional grazing organizations to provide a Winter Learning Series of free webinars on Wednesdays, from February 3 to March 21. Topics will include:

  • Silvopasture for beef
  • Solar array grazing
  • Grass based/no grain dairy production
  • Grazing 101

Details coming soon!