2017 Appalachian Grazing Conference

The presentations from the 2017 Appalachian Grazing Conference are now viewable online.

Topics include:

  • Can fat be healthy?
  • Evaluating the cost of lime
  • Beyond grandfather’s grasses
  • Alternative watering systems for livestock
  • The future of grazing
  • Soil health in pastures
  • Risk management in livestock production
  • Pasture quality for pasture finished …
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Linking pasture and animal processes

Let’s allocate the pasture in the afternoon
Dr. Kathy Soder
USDA-ARS Pasture Systems and Watershed Management Research Unit, University Park, PA

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The problem

Grazing enterprise profitability is greatly influenced by the plant/ animal relationship. However, grazing managements optimizing this relationship in view of increase animal …

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