If you have attended the Northeast Pasture Consortium Annual Meeting in the past, you may remember that we spend a chunk of time in our public and private breakout groups reviewing and updating the list of research priorities.

Why is this important?

The NEPC’s research priorities list has been used to:

1) Communicate to outside funders and partners that there is a demand for more information around topics of interest to grass-based farms. 2) Develop relevant and timely Annual Meeting education program themes, speakers and sessions for farmers and policymakers. 3) Add regional weight to the issues and needs of grass-based farmers in the Northeast. 4) Connect direct farmer experience, knowledge and questions with researchers and policymakers. 5) Empower the Consortium to direct its efforts toward areas of interest to the membership.

Updating the Priorities list for 2021

The Consortium Executive Committee felt it important to review the list and make sure the priorities are still relevant and appropriate, given the challenges and opportunities that COVID-19 have presented us. This simple survey breaks the priorities into sections, with the opportunity to comment at the end of each section.

Please complete the survey by 4/19/21, and thank you!

The NEPC Executive Committee