In response to the “Stakeholder Vision for the Northeast Region,” which was developed by the NE pasture Consortium and identified six research priorities for grazing research in the Northeast, USDAARS responded with “A Coordinated Initiative to Meet Research Needs for the Northeast Region.” The response identified the need for research thrusts to be lead by seven new ARS scientists with federal funds to support collaborative research with faculty scientists at universities throughout the region.

Current Research Efforts and Strengths

University Park, PA location – Management of species diverse pastures. Animal nutrition, grazing behavior, plant and animal interactions. Whole farm simulation: physical and economic assessment of management systems. Agricultural impacts on water quality.

Beaver, WV location – Hill-land grazing management and agroforestry. Beef systems for Appalachia and grass-finished beef. Small farms in Appalachia. Soil management.

Wyndmoor, PA location – Processes for Texturizing Milk Components. Processing Methods for Hispanic-Style Cheeses. Protein Processing Using High-Pressure Gases. Development of Lactic Fermentation Bacteria for the Production of Bioactive Food Ingredients.

Expertise and Resource Gaps

Forage Ecologist/Agronomist, Grazing Systems Modeler, Resource Economist, Biochemist, Animal Stress Physiologist, Animal Reproductive Physiologist, Ruminant Nutritionist

Additional sustained funding to support collaborations with university scientists. Funding in \$600,000 allotments for one ARS scientist and \$200,000 for collaborative agreements.

Grazing Dairy Research Facility


FY 2007 budget initiatives - In spite of tight budgets, ARS will be expected to identify the new issues that we will pursue in the FY 2007 budget. We want this budget to reflect that ARS is looking to the future and wishes to solve some of the tough problems facing agriculture. For that reason, ARS scientists are being asked to help the Agency identify initiatives that are appropriate for ARS’ second 50 years. To suggest an initiative, please submit a description of the initiative, not to exceed one page, to the appropriate Deputy Administrator or to Steve Kappes as the Budget Chair for FY 2007. The initiative should describe a broad area of research that ARS should pursue. It should identify the goals of the research and its societal benefits.