Northeast Pasture Research and Extension Consortium Annual Meeting, Latham, NY, January 25-25, 2012

On January 25 and 26, the Northeast Pasture Consortium held its annual meeting at the Century House in Latham, NY. This Consortium is a group of farmers, Land Grant University (LGU) researchers, Extension specialists, Agricultural Research Service (ARS) and Natural Resources Conservation Ser-vice (NRCS) personnel, and agribusiness professionals devoted to promoting pasture-based research, education, and technical assistance to help grassland and pasture-based farmers remain environmen-tally sustainable and economically viable throughout the northeastern US.

The annual meeting hosts a number of current pasture research findings (technical) sessions and busi-ness sessions and USDA agency reports. During the business sessions research priorities are discussed in the light of new developments needing research to answer. USDA programs and policies in support of pasture-based farms are reviewed to ensure they are moving forward, meet the needs of pasture-based agriculture, and are sufficiently funded.