Find out more and apply now for the July 2023 GLCI scholarships!

Exciting news to report! After more than a decade operating on largely volunteer efforts and a slim budget, the NEPC was recently awarded an NRCS-Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative (GLCI) grant to leverage grazing work across the region over the next two years.

We expect the work to start officially in July.

What does this mean?

  • For our partners planning grazing events, we will have speaker stipend and sponsorship funds, as well as helping to promote your events more widely.
  • For the farmers across the NEPC region (Maine to West Virginia), there will be scholarships to attend regional events such as the National Grazing Lands Vermont Bus Tour and Grassfed Exchange in September, among other events near you. (We are coordinating an application process with partners through the New England Grazing Network so that we are all able to maximize the number of farmers able to attend these excellent events—application info to be shared later in June).
  • For the NEPC organization itself, we will have staff capacity to share events and opportunities, to grow the connections between farmers, industry, service providers, researchers, and policy partners, and to gather more feedback about what’s needed across the region to grow a stronger, more resilient grazing community.

More details about all of these opportunities to come! We are truly thrilled.

Thank you so much, to you and the other folks supporting the work of the Northeast Pasture Consortium, as we strive to connect farmers, researchers, industry partners, educators, and policymakers together for a brighter grazing future across the Northern US.

Jenn Colby & Jessica Williamson NEPC Co-Executive Directors