The poster paper session will be held from 2:30 to 3:30 PM on January 15th, with authors present. Posters should be put up in the morning, or no later than lunch, and may remain up for the entire conference. Presenters should be available during the afternoon session.

We are asking this year if you would be willing to leave them up for the Vermont Livestock and Grazing Conference too. Jenn Colby will mail them back to you if you so desire.

The poster session allows researchers, educators, grazinglands specialists, and others a chance to show us what they are doing in support of pasture-based farms in Northeast and elsewhere. These are often wide-ranging efforts from papers that support the session topics of the current annual conference to papers following up on previous meetings’ session topics to papers addressing new issues of importance to pasture-based farmers and the society that they support with food, fiber, and scenic green open spaces.

  • Poster title and authors must be submitted by December 20.
  • Abstracts must be submitted by January 10.

Full poster details.

More information about the NEPC annual meeting is available on the meeting information page.