2009 Research Update: Managing Forage and Grazing Lands for Multiple Ecosystem Services

Pasture Systems and Watershed Management Research Unit, University Park, PA

Managing forage and grazing lands for multiple ecosystem services


Multiple Ecosystem Services Figures and Tables(PDF)

  • Matt Sanderson, Lead Scientist, Agronomist
  • Paul Adler, Agronomist, Biofuels
  • Sarah Goslee, Landscape ecologist
  • Kathy Soder, Animal scientist
  • Howard Skinner, Plant physiologist (40% time)
  • Curtis Dell, Soil carbon scientist (30% time)

Technical Support

  • John Everhart, Agricultural technician
  • Jeff Gonet, Biologist, Support scientist
  • Steve Lamar, Agricultural technician
  • Matt Myers, Agricultural technician
  • Melissa Rubano, Agricultural technician
  • Rob Stout, Agronomist, Support scientist

Cows grazing in the fog

Research Objectives

  1. Develop tools to aid the selection of species mixtures for pastures and the distribution of pasture types across a farm.

  2. Identify new grazing management and supplementation strategies that complement grazing preferences of dairy cattle on mixed- species cool-season pastures.

  3. Identify management systems that minimize net greenhouse gas emissions in forage, grassland, and energy crop systems.

  4. Determine optimal management and environmental outcomes of perennial and annual bioenergy cropping systems.